PhD Forum

IEEE WoWMoM 2021 hosts a PhD Forum where students will be able to present their dissertation research, recently finished or still ongoing, in the areas of wireless, mobile, and multimedia networking as well as ubiquitous and pervasive systems. The forum encourages interaction among PhD students and provides them with a valuable opportunity to obtain feedback from senior researchers.

The PhD Forum is scheduled on Monday June 7th 2021 between 3pm CEST and 5pm CEST.


  • On the Reduction of Padding Overhead in Random Linear Coded Variable Size Media Streams, Maroua Taghouti (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
  • Design and Study of Protocols for NR V2X Networks, Matteo Drago (University of Padova, Italy) teaser video
  • Data traffic classification using deep learning models, Meenaxi Mahabaleshwar Raikar (KLE Technological University, India) teaser video
  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis & Content Awareness for 360° Video Streaming Optimization, Chamara M Kattadige (The University of Sydney, Australia) teaser video
  • LoRaWAN networks evaluation through extensive ns-3 simulations, Martina Capuzzo (University of Padova, Italy) teaser video
  • Delay Guarantees of a Mobile Wireless Sensor Network using Stochastic Network Calculus, Orangel Azuaje (University of Porto, Portugal)

    You are welcome to ask questions or send comments to the PhD Forum co-chairs:

    Carlo Vallati, University of Pisa (Italy) 
    Rui Ning, Old Dominion University (USA) 

    Sponsored by

    IEEE Computer Society Missouri S&T

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    Istituto di Informatica e Telematica Cisco